Summer Internship

For the past several summers, the Child Development Lab at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York, directed by Dr. Sarah Berger, has hosted PAID NSF-funded undergraduate research internships.

Students worked on a variety of projects including the role of sleep in infants’ locomotor problem-solving, how parents teach infants how to navigate stairs, and the relation between motor development and sleep. Students learned to code infant behavior from video and run research studies online. 

Apply now for our paid summer research internship for 2021!

Opportunities include:

  • Hands-on experience running data collections;

  • Working directly with families (due to COVID-19, research is online until further notice);

  • Learning data collection, coding, and analysis technologies;

  • Collaborating with fantastic undergraduate and graduate students!


  • Students should be current undergraduates

  • Preference will be given to those who have experience working with children

  • Students from underrepresented groups in graduate studies are strongly encouraged to apply


The application period for this year is closed. Please try again next year. If you’ve applied, we will be in touch soon.

Undergraduate Researchers

The Child Development Lab at the College of Staten Island, CUNY, directed by Dr. Sarah Berger, is always looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students to assist in our research! As an undergraduate researcher you will gain firsthand knowledge about infant learning and milestone development. You are able to spend time learning about all of our ongoing projects, and get trained by our graduate RAs. Additionally, you are able to participate in all aspects of the research process from the family recruitment to the coding, as well as a chance to present your findings at the Undergraduate Research Conference.  

Undergraduate research assistants work for course credit by registering for independent study (PSY 593/4) for at least two semesters. 

As a research assistant you should be 

  • Comfortable working with children and parents

  • Interested in gaining research experience 

  • Be excited to expand your knowledge about infant development in new ways!

Are you interested in becoming an undergraduate research assistant for the Child Development Lab?


If you would like to participate in an information session to learn more about research opportunities for undergraduates in the Child Development Lab, please send your resume to with "Independent Study" in the subject line.

Our projects at a glance...


Tunnel Task! 

Newly walking babies navigate through a tunnel


Our doctoral student Melissa, assisting with the assembly of our eye tracker!

Video from the crib!

Using the Nanit TM baby monitor, we examine how learning new skills changes the area of the crib that babies explore at night.

Survey of Parent and Infant Sleep During Covid-19

Contact Us

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2800 Victory Blvd.,4S-221A

Staten Island, NY 10314

Tel (718)-982-3770


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